Early Days

I was looking over Ian Linkletter’s photo essay about XOXO 2013 where he summarized Maciej Cegłowski’s talk. Maciej suggested people should keep work diaries, so, here’s me starting mine.

After two and a half years as Art Director at Stamen Design, I’m branching out on my own. I’m in the very early stages of starting a new company called Good, Form & Spectacle. The central idea is to do the work I love, design, in service of cultural heritage around the world.

Before I can get my hands too dirty, I need to do the basics of setting the business up. At this stage, it’ll probably just be a sole proprietorship in San Francisco. Even so, I have to register the company name at City Hall, which is exciting. Then, I should be opening up a separate business bank account to keep everything good and separate. I’m planning to catch a ferry to Sausalito to visit with my accountant too. She knows what I’m up to, and is interested to help me get set up well from the outset, which is excellent.

I’ve set up a Twitter account too, @goodformand, and bought goodformandspectacle.com, but am so rusty on DNS palava, I’m putting that off for a bit. I have a design for the site ready to go. Simple, one-pager style.

I’m trying to take a little time away from the computer, but appear to be failing. My last day at Stamen was June 19, then I went to the fabulous FOO Camp in Sebastopol, I had naps on Monday and Tuesday, and slept for 12 hours last night. Now, it’s 11:08pm, and I’m starting a company blog.

Oh, and I got a V1 round of Moo cards in time for FOO, which is fun. Tom remarked that I’d managed to make an Economist logo, so I should probably be tweaking the color a little on the next batch. No harm intended, to be sure. Perhaps there should be a “is my logo going to be a problem” service.

Need an Oxford Comma vote...

I really am very excited about this new endeavour. Rather than worry too much about how everything looks, I’d rather just get this seed in the ground. With a couple of clients already on the table, it feels like I’m already up and running, which is sort of amazing. Kapow!

  1. Catherine Oates said:

    What an excellent thing x

  2. Catherine Oates said:

    Ps. Let me know if you need a music advisor. I can already see the company I would keep is outstanding….

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