As the great Seb Chan always says, you need to measure the effect of what you’re up to in order to a) understand what people are looking at, and b) try to improve things.

So, even before I’ve really got my DNS/web act together, and certainly before anyone particularly hears about my WWW site and this blog, I’ll try, right now, to set up analytics for both sites.

I’m going with Google. Once I have access to someone who can install something locally… wait! This is a WordPress blog. WordPress covers, what, fifty percent of the web? Surely they must provide some kind of webstats thing… performs web searchBlog Stats by W3Counter doesn’t look too bad. 39,000 downloads seems a good sign. Darn. It’s an install thing if I had WordPress installed. OK, that’s fine. I’ll work it out later.

Ha. Turns out that there’s a Stats tab on the WordPress dashboard. 0 views anywhere of course — I’d have been very surprised if anyone had found this blog yet — so, that’s good!

For my web presence, there’s a chance that WordPress might be able to handle everything for me later (so I can just host the whole thing on my own install of WP somewhere), but for right now, I’m not feeling that technically industrious. 

Excited that I just selected “People and Society” for the Industry for this project in Google Analytics (where it’s been Software or Internet for the longest time).

OK. I’ve got the Google Analytics code for WWW, and I’ve popped it into Github for later.

Now all I need are some readers! 


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