Ms. Oates Goes to Washington

I’m excited to be heading back to Washington, DC to speak at the Library of Congress’ Digital Preservation 2014 meeting. I’m working on a new talk called Contending With the Network. Today, at least, it’s loosely based around the challenges set out by both private and public entities deploying their content, records and work into external, often privately-owned concerns.

I’m very curious about this challenge, especially right now, because I’m in the throes of creating a new company, and very conscious of my own desire to practice proactive archiving in some way. (Something I already seem to be failing at, even after 3 days!)

The program for the main conference looks incredible, and I’m really looking forward to splashing down into one of the best meetings of people thinking about all this stuff after having been in the commercial sector for a couple of years. I hope I can keep up, and cannot wait to find out how things have moved forward. And there’s and CurateCamp the day after!

I’m especially excited too, because I’ll be picking up my association with the Smithsonian Libraries again, after having it lie dormant over the last couple of years, something that’s weighed uncomfortably on me. I’m very curious to research intra-Smithsonian metadata practice, and catch up on the many web and mobile projects I know are going on there.

Please do reach out if you’re interested to meet up!


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