As I continue to prepare my sole proprietorship (contacting various lawyers and accountants), I’ve also just registered my business and my fictional business name at the San Francisco City Hall.

Shit just got real, yo

City Hall seemed like a pretty happy place. I went to the room where people get married across a desk. There were various wedding parties along the halls, dressed to the nines with kids in tuxedos and flowers everywhere. It was a very simple process, and in total should cost me about $140. That covers the business registration itself, the fictitious business statement, and what I’m guessing an ad in the paper for four weeks might cost.

Another thing on my mind in general is proactive archiving, instead of posthumous, which is so often the way archives come together. So, I’ve started the most tiny, simple archive you can possibly imagine. The first item in the archive is one of the first run of business cards I had printed. I’m calling it gfs:id=1, a “machine tag” naming scheme I’ve created to manage internal objects and documents.

Business Card v1, front

You may also have noticed the gfs:visit= tags starting to emerge, which I use to catalog various research-related visits to organizations I’m interested in, like Monday’s visit to Chabot Space & Science Center, which I’ll write up soon.

Beginner that I am, I’ve also already folded the various archive-deserving documents that came out of today’s registration adventures, but at least they don’t have any staples in them. I’m excited to go to a stationery store soon to stock up on archival quality envelopes, etc.

  1. You’re not going with gfs:obj=1? (I am terrible at being finicky with naming, but I do like the idea- it reminds me of Factory’s (often amusingly applied) release numbers.)

    • I love this. Thank you, Paul. Isn’t it funny how someone else’s classification system might not sit quite right with you?

      I do take your point though, about gfs:id maybe being a bit too generic. Luckily, I’m only at the first object too, so it’s easy to change things. Given that these objects will be part of the Good, Form & Spectacle company archive, I’m going to go with gfs:archive=*. (I’ll update the plastic bag when I get home.)

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