Time is flying

My last post was titled gfs:visit=3… Now I’m up to gfs:visit=19, as you can see from the big ol’ list of visits I’m keeping in a spreadsheet. I’ve just returned from a trip to England, where I added another seven visits, including a return to the V&A, the Charles Dickens museum in Bloomsbury (nice tea and cake), and the gigantic National Tramway Museum in beautiful Derbyshire. I was there to attend the small and fun Laptops and Looms conference in an old (not dark or particularly satanic) mill in Cromford.

From the cable car

I’ve also begun working with a client in London, which is very exciting! More to come on that when we’re a bit further along. It was lovely to meet up with old friends and new, and I’ll hope to be back in London again before Christmas.

As I plan which other visits to write up, I’ve noticed I’m enjoying a couple of phenomena:

1. There is always a pile of jetsam somewhere, like this one tucked away at the National Tramway Museum…

National Tram Museum, Crich

2. Staff will use the flimsiest barriers you can imagine, which still seem to work:

String Boundary

Now that I’ve returned home, I’ll be writing more here and there about what’s happening over here. And, I keep a fairly up-to-date photo album of visits online. More up-to-date than blogging about each visit, to be sure!

Like this UI from the Barbican’s Digital Revolution exhibition. Ironically, nobody was willing to FOLLOW THE GIANT INSTRUCTIONS.

Large "Next"


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