The Game is Afoot

All my wild and windy plans for blogging constantly about fascinating things have lain quiet for a few weeks. That’s because I’ve decided to open a branch of Good, Form & Spectacle in London. Just like I moved to San Francisco to be at the center centre of the web back in 2005, I’m now on my way to one of the major city centres in the world for cultural heritage, and I cannot wait.

As I finish up my projects over here, and come on over, I’ll be looking for nice London people to meet for a cup of tea and a chat (or fish and chips, or even a pint), so if you like the sound of that or know someone who might, please do let me know. I’m not closing the US business. It’s only just begun!

While you’re waiting for me to pop my head up on the other side of the pond, you might like to watch a video of the presentation I gave at Digital Preservation 2014 in July. I’ll put the slides online at some point, once I’ve a) moved, and b) written out the notes properly.

Watch this space! For all the blog posts I have in a million tabs on my laptop whose fan whirrs and whirrs all day trying to keep tabs on everything. Ha ha.


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