London Museum Map

As I’ve been wrapping my head around the sheer scale of this city, I thought it might be useful to make a map of the museums here. I think it’ll help me work through my gfs:visit research; to visit as many institutions as I can, in person.

I worked off the list of London museums on Wikipedia, and supplemented the data there with a few other columns, namely trying to isolate dates museums were either founded, opened, reopened, or built, and adding some specific address info and lat/lon so I could put them on a map. That meant a lot of clicking through Wikipedia, reading, and copying and pasting. It was also a nice way to get a feel for the institutions here, although I must admit, quite a lot of it was repetitive data entry late at night!

I couldn’t find dates for everything, and the dots you see are colored by the date museums opened. The grey dots mean no data. Darker red dots are older museums, to pale yellow younger.

london museum map

It’s basic to say the least, but thanks mostly to CartoDB, which is a tool you can use to make a quick visualization from a spreadheet, I can now see where they all are, which is really useful to someone new to London. Thanks as well to Tom Armitage, for some late night wrangling of postcodes into lat/lon for me. (I’m pretty sure he used the UK Postcodes API.)

If you’re interested, there’s also a CSV file in the londonmuseums repo.


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