The Small Museum: Prima Facie Writeup(s)

Harriet and I have started writing about The Small Museum Version 1 residency we did at Somerset House in March. It’s going to take us a while, mostly because we’ve decided to write it up using the UNESCO Running a Museum handbook as our section headings. So far, we have an introduction, we’ve written about Ethics, and what it was like to have a Collection. You might like to follow along.

Speaking of following along, we’ve created a TinyLetter mailing list that you can sign up for – there’s a signup form on the homepage. You can expect deeply infrequent updates if you do.

I’ve also spent today sending out a few proposals and contracts to people who are interested in our work on the V&A Spelunker and Two Way Street. This is somewhat unexpected, but also a pleasure, and will hopefully result in more exploratory/collection browsing/fun interfaces and prototyping.

Happy Friday!


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