Update Splat: Speaking Gigs, Visiting Researchers and Advice

Wha! A month since the last post. Sorry about that.

  • We’ve now finished up the Wellcome Library’s What’s In The Library project, a four-week blast with the team there to explore the scope and contents of the brilliant Wellcome Library collection. It turns out that in addition to being a library about the history of medicine, its tendrils reach into all kinds of other subject areas like cakes, Jamaica, English ballads, and obelisks. We also had fun in the final week putting up small advertisements inside the building on Euston Road, which led to loads of staff looking at the project. We wrote loads of progress blog posts as we worked too – you might like to glance over our That’s A Wrap post from August 12.
  • I’m thrilled to tell you that I’ve been appointed to the Advisory Board for British Library Labs, a great initiative to help more people use more stuff from one of the greatest libraries on the planet.
  • If you’re in Australia or New Zealand look out for Museums and The Web Asia and the NZ National Digital Forum, both in October. I’ll be delivering the closing plenary at both conferences. The working title is Assumption, Attention and Articulation. I’m enjoying spending a little client-related downtime putting together the first 45-60 minute speech I’ve given for a while – it’s a nice opportunity to look back and reflect on how far we’ve come. It’ll also be nice to return to the NZ NDF, where I last spoke about the Flickr Commons back in 2008!
  • It may have passed you by that the first visiting researcher to G,F&S, Thalia Neilson, wrote a great blog post over at The Small Museum blog about her research on another small museum, The Little Museum of Dublin, and how that relates (and will absolutely inform) our work on The Small Museum as it continues. With Thalia’s visit, and another visit in the works from G,F&S collaborator, social designer and artist, Eliza Gregory, it feels like it would be good to think about creating a Visiting Researcher programme here. I know we’d benefit from different, curious, interesting visitors! If you know of good programmes along these lines, do please leave a comment.
  • The company is about six months old now. We’ve done a ton of stuff, and worked with a bunch of people, and things feel like they’re going well – *knock on wood* – After being able to work from the fab Offset Labs out of the Moo office in Shoreditch for the last few months, we’re now out of there, and it feels like it might be time to try to find a new home. Having a space that we can manipulate will accelerate our progress on The Small Museum initiative, and,well, it’ll be nice to just spread out. I wonder if we’ll have our first office space before we’re one…
  • On a personal note, as I started this new endeavour, as far back as June/July last year, I’ve had advice and counsel from so many of my friends and colleagues. Perhaps I’m of a certain age, but, I’ve felt profoundly supported and enriched by the support I’ve received about moving forward with my own passions, moving into a new (London) network from San Francisco, and reminding myself about all the things I need to be aware of as I build this new company. I’ve been fantasizing about having a new space, and a little opening party with lots of champagne and nibbles to say thank you to all of you for your support and encouragement. Richard, Elizabeth, Bill, Harriet, Adrian, Alex, Matt, Cassie, Eric, Felix, Simon, Gio, Rachel, Anno, Chris, Chris, Chris, Jenn, Alex, Frankie, Julie, Anne, Russell, Jonathan, Utku, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Lina, Kathryn, Eliza, Margarette, Nick, Breandán, Annette, Kati, Delia, Miles, Julia, Gill, Nick, Ben, and… wow. See?
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