I used to think the Antipodes meant Australia to the English, but, I was wrong. It just means the opposite end of the earth. I realise now though, that Australia is indeed antipodean when you’re coming from England, having just flown back to my homeland from London. Boy, it’s a long way.

But! It was made entirely worthwhile because, well, I was home, and had the chance to talk at a couple of fantastic Australasian conferences: Museums and the Web Asia, and the NZ National Digital Forum.

Both talks have the same spine, about Assumption, Attention and Articulation, but vary slightly in their notes and endings. I was embarrassed to run over time in Melbourne, so apologies to Melbourne attendees, even though the feedback was that it didn’t feel that way.

  • Here are my slides and notes from both: MWA2015 & NDFNZ.
  • There’s also a video on YouTube of my NDF keynote. I’ll let you search for that, because I’m one of those squeamish speakers who has trouble watching her own talks.

There were very many highlights from the trip. To name a few:

I remain humbled by the warmth and welcome of Tim and Ely in Melbourne, Andy and Thom in Wellington. Thank you for a great trip!


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