Welcome, George Weyman

George is a fellow of the prestigious Clore Leadership Programme for 2015/2016. I was intrigued (and slightly shocked) to get an email from George last year asking if I’d be willing to host him at Good, Form & Spectacle for his “placement in a cultural organisation very different from the Fellow’s usual working environment”.

It’s absolutely brilliant to have George join the team for the next few months. In his proper job, he runs the digital operations of the Qatar Foundation Partnership at the British Library, so let me tell you, this fellowship will definitely be working both ways.

He’s already very useful. Apart from carrying heavy stuff from Sainsbury’s for our little office warming, he’s absorbing our current goals and projects into pitch-ready documentation to show what we’re up to for potential funding partners and programmes. We’re building partnerships around our Museum in a Box work, and George’s experience in business planning, operations, and reporting is hugely helpful.

In return, we can involved George in how we like to work — small moves, make demonstrative things, work fast and brightly — back to the start-up scale that seems a bit elusive in larger institutions.

Welcome, George. I’m sure we’ll both get used to having a second George in such close proximity soon.

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  1. Thanks George, I’m really grateful to you for hosting me and looking forward to the fun work ahead.

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