New Digs

We’re excited to have moved into a new home for all sorts of reasons. It feels great to have a home base, an HQ; somewhere where people can visit and spend a moment. I’m not the sort of person who likes working in cafes or on hot desks. Frankly, I like to spread myself around a bit, and settle into a groove.

440px-Hans_SloaneWe’re in Bloomsbury, and if you can believe it, we’re in the very building where Hans Sloane used to live. There’s a blue plaque for him out the front. He lived from 1660-1753, and for almost 50 years at Bloomsbury Place. He was a physician to the rich and famous, and is notable for giving his collection to Britain, to help found the British Museum. It’s really a thrill to walk in his footsteps each day, and dream about how the place would have looked full of his books and bits and pieces from Jamaica, amongst all sorts of other things. I popped into the Enlightenment Gallery in the British Museum last week just to have a look at the bits and pieces they have out on display from him. It was nice.

Bloomsbury really is very handsome. I have loads of ideas (that may never come to pass) about getting to know the area. At the very least, we should try to install a Hans Sloane pop up museum in the foyer of our building. A friend, Amelia, suggested a “heritage hang” of a bunch of his works that are now squirrelled away in various cupboards in museums across London. That would surely be better than the shit 80s hotel art we have there at the moment.

We’re gradually filling it up with things, and are slowing needing more storage… but it’s a nice sunny space, and we’re fantasising about getting a teeny bbq for the patio. Yes, PATIO.

2016-03-02 16.18.24

2016-03-30 11.23.39

Before all that (temporary) mess trying to move into a sublet office in Whitechapel, I’d thought that Bloomsbury seemed like a good spot for a weird little museum-y company. And now we find ourselves mere moments from the front door of the British Museum.


Mischief awaits!


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