We’re on the hunt for new creative partnerships!

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Hello! Sorry for the news chasm!

In case you hadn’t seen, the major piece of work done at G,F&S in 2019 was the fabulous and interesting two-week data residency at M+ Museum in Hong Kong. We LOVED it.

I’ve written it up extensively (as part of the engagement) on Medium:

  1. Inside a New Museum (Part 1): Digging Into Data, and

  2. Inside a New Museum (Part 2): Navigating Contemporary Copyright


Now, I’d like to note for the record that, after a year or two of deeper concentration on my other endeavour, Museum in a Box (and it’s going really well!), this year I’m keen to rekindle work I do through Good, Form & Spectacle.

Specifically, I’m on the hunt for interesting, creative and/or design residencies and short, sharp, smart work with great museum/library/archive teams with gnarly collections and interesting questions.

So… If you’ve ever considered deploying Good, Form & Spectacle at your organisation, just like Wellcome, MoMA, or the Wikimedia Foundation, now is a great time to get in touch!

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