We’re moving

After a fun three-ish years in fancy Bloomsbury, we’re off further east, to Hoxton. It’s been lovely being in the middle of everything, and down the street from the British Museum (and that excellent currywurst place), but our landlord, in all their wisdom, is ending our lease because they want to refurbish. We keep wondering whether they’ll uncover any of Hans Sloane’s collection buried in the garden!

We’ll be at:
Unit 9, The Energy Centre
Bowling Green Walk
London, N1 6AL

During our Bloomsbury tenure, I took a bunch of panoramas of the office in whatever state it was in, for the record.

New shelves!

We’re very pleased to have some lovely new shelves made and installed by Scott Stannard join us in our Bloomsbury studio. They’re fantastic, and now we can get all the crap off the floor and every other surface!

Here’s the pre-installation shot:

Slack for iOS Upload (1).jpg

And the evening post-installation, with weird Charlie head, and Phil working hard on our new Explorer project (more on that later).

Slack for iOS Upload (2).jpg


It’s like it’s a real office or something.

Happy New Year!

2016-01-04 10.23.03-1

We’ve started the year with a bang, moving into a nice new office space in Whitechapel. We’re in here with our sister company, Museum in a Box Ltd. So far we’ve got PG Tips, a kettle, some Jammie Dodgers and the very basics of office furniture. It’s all very exciting, and we’re thrilled to finally have a London home base!

Update, 1 Feb: After all that excitement, unfortunately the Whitechapel office was not to be. I’ll post an update when we find a new spot. At least we’ll get to have another office warming!

Onward! (And goodbye, January 2016!)